USA Patriot Act Certification

Pursuant to the USA PATRIOT Act and final rules issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, a U.S. bank or a U.S. broker-dealer in securities (a "Covered Financial Institution") is required to obtain certain information from any "Foreign Bank" that maintains a correspondent bank account with their institution.


As permitted by the final rules, Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. has prepared a Global Certification for use by any financial institution that believes it requires an USA PATRIOT Act Certification from Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. or one of its branches or listed subsidiaries. Please use this Certification instead of asking Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. or one of its branches or listed subsidiaries to complete a separate Certification form.

Please click here to download the Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. Global Certification regarding Correspondent Accounts for Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. (Acrobat Reader File) accounts or those of Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c branches and the listed subsidiaries.

We have also provided a download for the list of all Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c Branches and selected subsidiaries covered by the Certification(Acrobat Reader File).